New South Wales Free Flight Society Inc.

Trans Tasman Rally

The following pictures are from the Trans Tasman Rally at Richmond 6th & 7th July 2013.

Roy Summersby's Brandenburg 29
Don Spray's Heinkel 46
Peter Jackson
Stan Mauger launching Auster
Tahn about to launch Hurricane
Hurricanes away
Not looking good
Fred Roberts' Avro 504K
Gary Odgers packed to go home
Gary Odgers' Corben Super Ace
Gary Odgers starting his Sopwith
Heinkel 46
"Night Reaper"
Jacko's Squadron
Phil Warrens Westland P12 Wendover
Peter Jackson
Ricky Boulds AOP9
Phil Warrens Westland P12 Wendover
Roy starting Brandenburg 29
Brandenburg 29
Roy's FW152H
Stan Mauger tuning the winning Auster
Gary's Sopwith